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New admin here; short points!

First of all, Hello and thank you for following this blog! 

  • The confessions will look slightly different compared to older confessions, sorry about this.
  • Submissions right now are closed for the time being.
  • I will set up a queue but some days I will be unable to post due to health factors! 

Thank you for listening!

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So, after learning I CAN indeed hand this blog over to someone even though it is attached to my personal, I have decided to give it to kara. 


It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to delete now. Previous confessions will live on and new ones will follow!

Again, much love,



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But you CAN give it away! You make someone a member and then you leave the blog and they'll have it not you!!! please don't delete!!!

Is that so? I mean, would anyone be interested in keeping this blog running?

This is basically a first come, first serve basis now.

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EDIT: I, Bri, am not going to delete Brave Confessions after all! I will be handing it over to karashogai, who I’m sure will be lovely! <3 Please see the new post here!


Hello, friends!

UH SO IT HAS BEEN MONTHS SINCE I HAVE UPLOADED THIS BLOG. I’ve just been busy. Way too busy. Things are goin’ on and craziness such as that.

I honestly don’t think I’ll run this blog consistently even if I say I will. It’s the final countdown of senior year and pretty much right after that I’m going to art school, so that’s going to suck up pretty much any free time I have. I’m a butt.

So, here’s the bottom line: I’m gonna delete Brave Confessions. In a few days, that is. -weeps- WAIT THINGS HAVE CHANGED SEE THE NEW POST

I would give this blog to someone so they could keep it alive, but it’s connected to my main tumblr and I can’t :c EDIT: WAIT APPARENTLY YOU CAN DO THIS, MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED?

Either way, this was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I still love Brave (TOO AN UNHEALTHY EXTENT OH MY GAWWWW) but I just don’t have time for this tumblr…

I’ll still be kickin’ on my PERSONAL tumblr, of course! Plus I run Brave Daily Dose and I make a point of updating that every day.

I had such a great time here with you all. I hope you understand <3

Much love,



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